Patrick Rada
Head Golf Professional – McArthur Golf Club
“The team at Precise Yardage Books did a tremendous job in charting the golf course while providing a excellent level of professionalism throughout the entire process. Scott Brady was a pleasure to work with and truly takes pride in his work. The yardage books and the information they provide are first-class. I would recommend Scott and his team to anyone.”

Ryan Skipton
Head Golf Professional – The Ford Plantation
“Precise Yardage Books was able to make a professional yardage book for our club in a short period of time. They were a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them to any club looking to get an accurate and professionally detailed yardage book done for their course. They allowed us to have a yardage book in place for the Club’s first professional event but also provided a great yardage book for us to sell to our members and guests.”

Henrik Simonsen
Head Golf Professional – The Honors Course
“When we decided The Honors Course needed a yardage book to supply the competitors of the many Championships we host, we had many options. But by having Scott Brady and Braden Smyth, two of our own caddies, produce our yardage book we were able to keep the project in house. Together they have years of competitive golf experience caddying on the PGA, LPGA and WEB.COM Tours. They know what a competitive golfer needs in a quality yardage book.”

“They exceeded our expectations delivering a quality, professional yardage book on deadline for our John T. Lupton Invitational! The Honors Course yardage book has become a product of pride for our members who present them to their guests. Precise Yardage Books continues to supply us with excellent customer service.”
“I strongly recommend Precise Yardage Books to any club interested in creating and offering a world class yardage book to the more serious golfer.”

Chris Dibble
Head Golf Professional – Holston Hills Country Club
“Scott Brady and Precise Yardage Books team did a very professional job on our yardage books. Scott’s experience on tour as a caddy makes him the perfect fit for a detailed yet readable yardage book. Our members and guests have really enjoyed his product and we have reordered a couple times. I recommend any club that hosts Championships put Scott’s books in their shop.”

Katy Harris
LPGA Tour Professional
“As a LPGA Tour Professional. I rely heavily on the accuracy of my yardage book. Accurate carry numbers off the tee and into greens, as well as knowing wind direction can shave valuable strokes off my score. Scott Brady caddied for me personally for over a year on the LPGA Tour and has more than 10 years experience on the PGA, LPGA, and Web.comTours. He knows what is needed in a tour quality yardage book and that is what he delivers. I use his book at my home course every time I play.”

Courtney Connell
PGA Master Professional
“When it comes to the game of golf, confidence becomes an invaluable commodity. When it comes to competitive golf, confidence is absolutely paramount. Equip yourself with the Precise Yardage Books by Tour Caddie Professional, Scott Brady, and you will immediately own the best “15th Club” there is. This is the best yardage book I’ve seen in 30 years because it was truly built by a professional caddie!”