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  • Falconhead Golf Club | Golf Yardage Book
  • Falconhead Golf Club | Golf Yardage Book
  • Falconhead Golf Club | Golf Yardage Book
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Project Description

Falconhead Golf Club Yardage Book

I met Payne Gwiewek and Nick Cunningham while caddying at 1st Stage of Web.com Qualifying School in Nebraska. They play the Adams Tour regularly and had made their own yardage books for events to assist them attain their goals. I showed them our samples which they thought were great. And we discussed how they could become salesmen and project managers for Precise Yardage Books enabling them residual income and help grow our company. They loved the idea and we’re excited to get started!

To my surprise, within a week of returning to Austin, TX, they had come to an agreement with GM and Director of Golf Laura Gunia of Falconhead Golf Club to produce a yardage book for her club! This was an exciting new phase for me, yet a bit of an uncomfortable one. I would have to let go of the reins and allow these guys, who I had only met two weeks before, to do the drawing and course work on a project. Not an easy thing to do. But I had a great feeling about Payne and Nick. Their lifelong background in golf and the passion I witnessed they had for our business gave me enough comfort to let them run with it.

Falconhead GC is a very popular public golf club that hosts many State amateur and professional competitive events. My new project managers did an excellent job in ascertaining that Laura and Falconhead would benefit greatly from a yardage book by Precise Yardage Books. I came to realize early on that Laura was a very dedicated, detailed Professional who was constantly on the go. So Payne, Nick and I conversed daily on what we needed to accomplish and they did a tremendous job. Their drawings and course work far exceeded my expectations for their first endeavor with Precise Yardage Books.

The results were a book our customer was ecstatic about! And we celebrated the growth of our company with the addition of two new salesmen/project managers that are excited to help us attain our goals.