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  • Alaqua Country Club | Golf Yardage Book
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Project Description

Alaqua Country Club Yardage Book

The LPGA Tour had been auditioning yardage book suppliers for the entire 2015 Symetra Tour season in hopes of contracting one for the upcoming 2016 season. We came to realize this about half way through the season. But we continued to communicate with Heather Daly Donofrio with the LPGA for a chance to show how our product and service was the best option for the players of the Symetra Tour.

Heather contacted us only 2 weeks before the final regular season event at Alaqua CC outside Orlando, FL. They had a supplier who had cancelled on them last minute and wanted to know if we could help them. The challenge was accepted!

This would be our tightest deadline for any project so far.

Ico Pasarell is the Director of Golf at Alaqua CC. He is the do-it-all Pro that has a passion for his club and its members. Ico was excited to have a new yardage book to offer the Symetra players, other competitors and his members!

Alaqua is a very complex golf course. Built in swamplands, there are hazards abound. These hazards and out of bounds come into play on almost every hole. A true target golf course. The challenges of charting a course like this under a tight deadline was a new adventure for our can-do company!

Aided by a lack of on course play and good weather, we were able to complete the course work in 2 days. An 8 hour drive home, 2 am arrival and 7am meeting with our printer to start the process. We were able to deliver Alaqua’s new yardage book ahead of schedule the Saturday before tournament week allowing Ico the chance to maximize his profit! We hope our ability to assist the LPGA’s need and produce a professional, quality yardage book will allow us to supply the Symetra Tour annually.